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Pond Heaters

A pond heater is a type of heater that you use to keep your fish pond warm in the winter, or during cool spring or fall periods.



One thing that a lot of people do not realize is that it is not necessarily the cold that can kill fish, but the fact that gases can get trapped underneath the ice once the surface freezes completely.

pond heatersThese gases need to be released, much like humans need fresh air so that the area they are in can be rid of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

If these gases are not expelled, they can hurt the fish and the rest of the nutrients in the pond.

A fish heater will keep the ice from forming over the water in many instances, and will also help to keep the water at a more suitable temperature for life.

A lot of these heaters simply float in the water and are electric powered.



If you own a fish pond, then you should definitely look for a pond heater or pond de-icer that is powered at least up to 100 watts. This will generally keep a pond that is up to 1000 gallons from freezing over completely. Of course, a bigger pond will need a bigger pond heater, but this is a good starting point to go from; also consider the possibilities of a solar heater.

You should also make sure that the pond heater in question does not damage the liner in your pond. You might also try to get a pond heater that is energy efficient, as opposed to one that is going to cost you a ton of money in the long run.



Heating your pond can get expensive, so it is worth it to pay a few extra bucks for a heater that will save you money over the course of the winter. We profile a 100W floating heater from K&H, a de-icer from Farm Innovators, a K&H submersible heater, and a K&H 250 watt heater on the next pages.

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